Новости 15 February 2016

Lighting: how to operate in the chaos of the global market

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one, are ever the occasion to strike the balance. It is the same for the lighting market and Panzeri Company that is starting its year showing the agents the numbers of its activity.

According to 2015 data, the company of Biassono enjoys good health because it collects International Awards for its design and gets good results where other competitors struggle. In fact in the foreign market , Panzeri has increased its sales in countries like Russia, that are critical for other producers.

For Norberto Panzeri the reasons are many and related not only to the product : “Firms like ours have their focus on the technological evolution. We can make choices that the big companies cannot afford, as for example, choose LED less famous but more performant.”

The ability to penetrate the foreign markets depends not only from a technical matter, Panzeri continues to explain: “from the technical point of view we have ever been updated. What we needed was a greater commercial power and we achieved it thanks to a very young management, able to understand more easily the numerous and rapid technological changes typical of our sector.”

In Italy the concept of “young” is not like in other countries : “I do not talk about people forty or fifty years old, but younger. Abroad is more natural to find thirty years old interlocutors, so for our young managers is easier to empathize with them: they are the same age people that talk about the same business and usually have the same passions. Domotic applications, lamps regulated by presence sensors that vary the light intensity in the environment … To consider the technological innovations, young people have for sure more confidence. They are the first to propose, accept and push them.”

Focusing on young people is not only a good slogan but a set of concrete initiatives that starts from the company management and arrives to the collaboration with young designers, like the lamp Lampyris, designed by Lorenzo Giacomini and the collaboration with the polytechnic of Milan.

Panzeri formula is based on the union between the concreteness and the experience of the brianzola family and the freshness and the enthusiasm of the new generations, actively involved in the life and projects of the company.

In this way Panzeri prepares itself for the new challanges of 2016 and of the future, while is still collecting the awards for the good activities of the last year.