NEWS 13 May 2019

Matteo Thun explains ‘Firefly in the sky’

Zero design for the lamp created to generate empathic connections.

The desired combination was to evoke the emotion felt during those long summer on seeing fireflies flit at dusk. This was the impetus to creating a lamp with essential shapes, archetypes; the light of which creates empathic connections. The architect and designer outlines the design process with these words:



Wireless lamps, lamps without electrical connection. Plastic ones can be found everywhere, even in any street market. However, we know that plastic materials shall disappear within a few years, so these kind of products should vanish from the commercial market. At least that’s what I hope“.

As an architectural firm, we deal with restaurant chains where the right lighting is essential for conviviality around the table, both outside and inside. This light must catalyze and ensure a pleasant atmosphere”


firefly in the sky matteo thun panzeri

“The brilliant stroke of genius is that the Firefly in the sky features a detachable lamp head. For what reason? When waiters end their shift late at night, they tend to be very tired. Remembering to remove the lamp from all the tables, to charge it and then replace it again the next morning is an additional task”.

Easily detaching the head of the lamp allows them to simply place it on a tray, adding the possibility of recharging it easily and quickly. In this way Firefly in the sky solves our problems”.
firefly in the sky matteo thun panzeri


It is a lamp we love calling Zero Design, sometimes even Stupid Design due to its incredible simplicity. Yet, the technical manufacture is unrivalled: thanks to the anti-theft system no-one can steal it, the solidity ensures no drunk can break it ensuring a long-lasting durable design. I think the object has a timeless design and shape: there is a base, a star and fitted lampshade”.

“In a few months, Firefly in the sky shall be used for the first time ever and featured in a hotel bound by snow and ice in winter. I am sure that this object will be used outside all year round”.

“Panzeri’s creation has met the challenges asked of him. Firefly in the sky is now a commercially available object”.


As well as Firefly in the sky, Matteo Thun also designed Tubino for us. You can find these and all other new 2019 designs, in the ‘Light and Shapes‘ catalogue.