Light points

Among the different solutions featured in Panzeri catalogue, there are also the built-in lights, which are increasingly popular and used in various types of private and public environments.
The built-in light is the ideal solution for those who wish to create an illumination that perfectly integrates on walls, counter-ceiling and various surfaces, completely hiding the body of the apparatus, and exposing only the light.
Light efficiency
These lights, available also in LED version, generate a direct light with a well-defined luminous bundle, that allows creating light games for different luminous effects, that ensure unmatchable lighting performances.
Thanks to modern technologies, built-in lights are the ideal solution for quality illumination and at the same time, for energy savings. For this reason, they are the natural lighting choice for shops, offices and spaces opened to the public, and perfect for architectural designs, also elaborate and complex ones.
A solution increasingly becoming more popular for private homes, built-in lights allow illuminating a space without showing the lighting apparatus.
Versatile and easy to install, the choice of built-in lights featured in Panzeri catalogue allows creating extremely elegant and refined luminous effects, also thanks to various solutions in terms of shades and colour output: light bundles to illuminate details or compositions, light will be the exclusive protagonist of the space.