Outdoor lamps

Night lighting
As in indoor spaces, outdoor lighting finds multiple solutions within the wide range of Panzeri models. Outdoor lights are inspired by the context of outdoor furniture, often used in spring and summer evenings.
A touch of class that is able to embellish suggestive scenarios, with the aid of lighting accessories.

For exclusive outdoors
The decorative and functional lights installed in luxury hotels and resorts, find application in this context where attention to details is the result of a meticulous design study by the professional. In addition to solutions dedicated to hospitality, Panzeri outdoor lights are enriched with new ideas thought to illuminate larger spaces, like the golf courts of the most exclusive clubs.
Thought also for private customers, the outdoor lights of Panzeri collection furnish and illuminate gardens, swimming pools and terraces, conferring an elegant atmosphere able to render summer evenings even more relaxing and pleasant.
Panzeri catalogue for outdoors offers a wide range of solutions, based on style and lighting needs: wall-mounted lights with light bundles that create visually appealing light games, or free-standing lights of innovative and original design, or suspended lights of country mood, that perfectly match outdoor furnishing accessories, to confer a final touch with discreet embedded or built-in lights or defined light points, also for the darkest nights.
The lighting solutions are multiple. With a touch of fantasy and creativity, it will be possible to create actual light installations to confer a magical and unique touch to every outdoor space.