Bar & Restaurant

Blu Panorama

The intervention consists in realizing the Banqueting Room and Disco Club called “Blu Panorama” in the province of Catania (Sicily). The central space with octagonal perimeter is marked by the molten flooring and lines of white marble that connect to the pillars of the pre-existing structure.
With the design of the space, Architect Giusy Tomaselli chose to preserve and at the same time to place an accent on the decorative lines of the floorings, by adding lines of light obtained with the recessed profiles from Panzeri with LED light source (XG2033 – Brooklyn).
The white light rays from the wall connect with the ceiling creating a space and visual continuum. The central cavities with RGB LED light placed one on top of the other ensure an aesthetic impact creating a suggestive scenography.
In the connected area with the bar lounge, the choice was for LED wall lamps in aluminium painted in white (APP) and recessed gypsum spotlights from the Invisibili product range (XGQ0998).

Prodotti: Brooklyn, APP, Invisibili PureWhite