Bar & Restaurant


Caffè Vittoria in Via Martiri Della Liberazione is one of the historic venues (they say it opened in 1800) in Saluzzo, a small town in the province of Cuneo. Well-known to natives of the town, the café is remembered as a landmark for players of billiards, for business during the Saturday market and as a popular salon on weekday afternoons.

After various ups and downs in management, the Caffè Vittoria reopened at the end of August this year with a new look, a revamped style that combines the venue’s traditional architecture with modern designer elements. Inside, the extremely spacious bar area is divided into four vaults, decorated in stucco and embellished with white outlining. When the venue reopened, only part of this large space was in use: three of the vaults are used for the bar, while the fourth, behind a transparent wall, will be turned into a restaurant.

In the centre of the ceiling of each of these gorgeous and traditional arches, a 120 cm diameter Golden Ring has been placed. A modern lighting solution which contrasts perfectly with the highly classical, yet timeless, atmosphere created by the walls, ceilings and bar counter.

The Ring lamp allows lighting of both the upper area – highlighting the decor without obscuring it – and the lower area where customers gather under two of the three arches, as well as the L-shaped bar itself. The colour chosen for the ring-shaped pendant lamps – white – continues the colour scheme of the whole venue.

Behind the bar sits a fabulous coffee machine, which certainly deserves to be illuminated and brought to the attention of clients. This task is ably fulfilled by the Ring positioned above it, slanted to shed light on the area in question.

The three Rings are all actually slanted at different angles, a deliberate decision to create an effect of movement and “ordered disorder” in a space that is otherwise extremely classical and linear.

The choice of Golden Ring was made after a comparison with other similar pendant lights, the result being that the Panzeri product was the only one which could light upwards as well as downwards, and with sufficient presence. Golden Ring therefore fully met the criteria – both aesthetic and decorative – of the project designers.

The design was by:  Nevio Maero (Studio Tecnico & Progettazione).

Products: Golden Ring (120 cm).