Corporate Office Milano

The project is the renewal of the furniture of a 3 floors building used as office in the center of Milan.

The client was looking for a device for direct and indirect light, harmonized with the rest of the furniture, and allowing to achieve energy savings if compared to previous devices with halogen bulb, but never affecting the light performance  that would not be supported by other light sources (or ceiling or desktop). Selecting the product we had to consider the installation limitations, since the office is located in a historic building where it is not possible to intervene with masonry works to encase luminaires.

The choice fell on Toy LED, multi-purpose product that lends itself to customization. The finishing selected is polished stainless steel, matching the legs of the desks chosen by the customer. The size chosen for the large rooms is 180 centimeters, made on request for this specific project. Furthermore a lower prismatic screen has been inserted to improve the coefficient of anti-glare and an upper transparent screen to maximize the indirect light emission and obtain intense light on the ceiling. The device is equipped with a dual ignition of the top and bottom. The project is completed by Toy with the same technical characteristics, but declined in standard versions, 120cm, 90cm, 60cm.

In a second phase, the customer required a solution for the meeting room with a scenic corrugated plasterboard ceiling of important dimensions. The aim was to insert products able both to illuminate the desks and to highlight the corrugated ceiling. The choice fell on the composition of concentric rings Golden Ring, in gold leaf and a custom color selected by the customer. The forms are integrated with the ceiling and enhance its characteristics, completing the hit of eye. On the meeting room walls were added profiles with retractable wall washer effect to wash the walls and recessed lamps “Invisibili” in marking-step format to highlight the typical parquet.

Products: Toy LED, Golden Ring.