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FoodLoft Milano

FoodLoft Milano is a multifunctional space dedicated to the world of Food and Beverage. It’s Simone Rugiati’s Factory House, a chef and a famous TV personality. The project was designed by the architect Luca Pieracci and Simone Rugiati himself.

Lighting has been completely entrusted to Panzeri, both for its lighting technology skills and for its stylistic-decorative choices, respecting the brief provided by the customer.

The aim was to place highly decorative objects and considering the size of the loft it was necessary to provide a significant lighting, both direct and indirect, to illuminate the surface where the chef is at work, but also diffused lighting that could reflect on the ceiling and in the surrounding environment.

As Panzeri suggested, the light color of the LED light source is white (like the atmosphere RGB), perfect for lighting situations such as photo shoots and television filming, daily activities in the space of this loft.

In a place dedicated to a TV set the natural light is almost absent. The need to use artificial light is combined with the choice of decorative lamps and at the same time LED elements of the latest generation that can effectively illuminate spaces and integrate with the interior design, creating elegant and sophisticated atmospheric effects.

Lighting therefore plays a strong functional and decorative role. It’s decorative when it fills the wide spaces of the loft thanks to Golden Ring circles with a diameter up to 3 meters, while the repetition of the use of Willy suspensions creates a continuity in the background. But Lighting becomes functional with Jackie, a reading lamp used in this context as a work lamp in order to complete the most varied forms of cooking recipes.

The other Panzeri products in the FoodLoft Milano are wall lamps like Ypsilon, pendant lamps like Blanca and the Invisible profiles of Brooklyn.

Products: Golden Ring, Willy, Jackie, Ypsilon, Blanca, Brooklyn, Carmen