Bar & Restaurant

Gran Caffè Belli

Fermo’s Gran Caffè Belli in Corso Cefalonia was established in the early 20th century by one of the city’s leading families. In the first part of its history the café was a place for the elite, and it has always been a landmark in city life, partly thanks to its location near the main square.

The Gran Caffè Belli closed in 2008, but has been reopened by a new, young management team, who have radically revamped the premises. The two hundred square metres of the main salon are dominated by the bar counter, made by a local craftsman; and above it is a composition of two Golden Ring lamps.

The decision to use the famous Panzeri lamps took the following into account:

  • aesthetic impact: the Golden Rings bring a touch of modernity to a setting with classical style. Their use also draws attention and puts the lamps at centre stage in the room.
  • the provision of indirect lighting, directed towards the ceiling, to prevent clients’ shadows creating an irritating effect and to avoid dazzling them.
  • the provision of functional lighting for the bar workers;
  • the need for a principal light source in a single solution (the combination of large Rings) to cover a considerable area.

Interior and Lighting Designer: Riccardo Franchellucci for the “Galleria Interni Arte” studio.

Products: Golden Rings, diameters 120 a