Жилые дома

Indipendenza 62bis

The project is an overall renovation which has redefined a 1950s apartment, redesigning its spaces and connections, blending technical and utilities supply systems with architectural and aesthetic elements.

Renovation was carried out in two phases (which initially were not foreseen). Stage One involved the reorganization of the apartment on the first floor according to the client’s needs. The careful selection of furniture, the design of custom furnishings and the study of the lighting system (our Silver Ring stands out in one of the living areas) has allowed to make the most of every space without neglecting the overall harmonic design, emphasizing the architectural choices also with the use of specific interior finishes.

Stage Two instead was dictated by the need to connect the first floor to the apartment below, purchased approximately one year after the completion of the works. The need to merge the two units required an internal reorganization of the space with consequent important technical and structural arrangements.

Placing the internal staircase, made of metal and solid wood, in a central position in relation to the floor, allowed to functionally organize the new spaces which have harmonized in one, thus maintaining the characteristic identity of the first project.

It not only joins the sleeping area with the living area, but the movement of its full and empty spaces link the main entrance, the living room, the study area and the service areas, allowing natural light to filter and give light to the central part of the apartment.

The staircase is the central element around which daily activities revolve. It is lighted by a composition of our Candle suspension lamps visible from different angles. Its central location redefines the rooms and makes the most of the unused spaces in the house.

Client: private

Assignment: preliminary, definitive and executive project, site management, coordination, security, study for customized furnishings and lighting engineering

Location: Rivarolo Canavese (TO)

Area: 120 mq date:  2015-2016

Architectural project:  arch. Silvia Donetti and arch. Alessia Fenoglio (Share Studio Virtuale di Architettura) www.sharestudio.it

Lighting engineering: Arch. Ilaria Cuciniello (Sacchi Studio Luce)

Products: Candle, Silver Ring