_ Lorenzo Giacomini _ 2014

Lampyris is the result of a bet Panzeri decided to do participating at the initiative “Un designer per l’impresa”, intended to support the creativity and the innovations of young designers. Panzeri wanted to reward this project designed by Lorenzo Giacomini for its strong interaction with nature. Lampyris is the ideal lamp to light up parks, golf courses and any other kind of terrain. It perfectly disguise with the soil and the light harmoniously becomes part of nature, thanks to the steel plates on the back of the lamp, which foster the integration with the ground. A frontal steel strip prevents the beam of light to be hampered in any way.

  • ET08044.000.0101
    LED 9W 3000K Ra 80 500lm 220-240V*Luminaire power consumption (W)
    **Luminaire luminous flux (lm)


_ Brown metallized