Queens Mini

_ 2017

Spotlight in die-cast aluminium with passive thermal dissipation for three-phase electrified track equipped with main voltage (220-240V) LED cob. It can rotate up to 355° with respect to the vertical axis and pivot up to 90° upwards. Thermoplastic reflector mirror-metalized with standard 30° light beam and optics 24° and 45° available on request. Available in 3000K version in white and black colours.


Luminaire power consumption 12W
Luminaire luminous flux 1050 lm
3000K 30° Ra 90 220-240V


Luminaire power consumption 9W
Luminaire luminous flux 800 lm
3000K 30° Ra 90 220-240V

XMR5 24° Mirror Metalized
XMR6 30° Mirror Metalized
XMR7 45° Mirror Metalized