NEWS 23 December 2016

2016 Report: Turnover trend and the Best Selling products [Infographic]

The selling results of Panzeri’s lighting products, register a year end growth rate for the third consecutive year; this is news, considering the difficult current financial situation. Italy is once more the hard core thanks to the company’s turnover but also thanks to its growth.

The turnover pattern change in Italy.

“In any case there have been significant changes in the way this result was achieved. The stakeholders have changed since 2013 to our days, including the type of orders received at our branch in Biassono. Our company was established as an expert in decorative lighting and highly fosters qualified distribution with a showroom and retail sale which has been dropping.” Edoardo Mantovani, Sales Manager, Italy.

Design establishments on the other hand are gaining more ground, such as companies that follow up operations from start to finish, from the lighting layout to the installation of the material in situ. Experts, wholesalers, (+10%) and even decorators (+15%) are some of these stakeholders.  The retail channel is still the main item of the overall turnover in Italy, while the Contract channel  is on the rise and currently accounts for over 10%, double compared to 2015.

The annual report of the turnover updated to the first half of December 2016, indicates an overall +13% for the company, an increase of +8% in Italy and +22% in foreign markets.

The total charge of the various markets still affects the domestic market (55%); however considering the ongoing growth abroad, it has increased to 45% of the overall growth.

The best sold lamps in 2016.

A confirmation and some novelty among our best sold products. Below are the top five lamps:

  1. Golden Ring
  2. Silver Ring
  3. Jackie
  4. Toy
  5. Kubik

 Golden Ring, the ceiling lamp is still the best sold lamp of the year compared to 2015.  The family of the Panzeri rings was expanded this year and this collection’s design was awarded an honorable mention by the German Design Award 2017.

The versatile Silver Ring, one of the last conceived (ceiling lamp, pendant and wall), was awarded the second position of the virtual sales podium.

The award-winning table lamp in 2015 Jackie, ranked third, while the podium wall lamp Toy descended the podium and was awarded the fourth best sold product.

On the other hand, a new entry the suspension lamp Kubik was ranked among the top five.

Toward a strategy of internationalization.

“Panzeri continues to start partnerships and open new paths abroad, such as the one that led to the establishment of ‘Panzeri & Partners’ in Germany and the Karlsplatz showroom in Monaco of Bavaria.  It also started working with a new distributor in Cape Town, South Africa.

 For the first time Panzeri participated in the ‘Light Middle East’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates exhibition.  Furthermore, it has maintained solid relations with ‘historical’ distributors in Europe.” Federico Panzeri, Export Manager Panzeri Carlo Srl.

Here is our 2016 summary infographic.