Новости 16 July 2018

Architect Andrea Castrignano brings our lamps to TV

Our decorative illuminations feature in one of the projects of ‘Cambio casa, cambio vita’.

Give your own home a makeover or an overall renovation. This is the main theme of the docu-reality show ‘Cambio casa, cambio vita‘ which airs on the Mediaset ‘La5’ TV channel, now in its eighth season. Each episode sees interior designer Andrea Castrignano trying to satisfy the needs of people looking to transform their current home into the home of their dreams.

cambio casa cambio vita panzeri

Creativity and practicality is the focus during the transformation of non-descript or badly furbished homes. People have assorted needs and, from time to time, Castrignano is able to find solutions which inspires the general public to perform their own home renovation.

Featuring our own lamps

Among the various choices to be made, ranging through material selection and the management of suppliers, is lighting. Here is where our lamps come into play. In this season’s eighth episode, the host and architect used our own decorative illuminations in the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms of a modern city apartment.

cambio casa cambio vita panzeri

Take your own cues from the show’s ideas and see how the Floral e Gilbert hanging lamps and the  table versions of the Kubik e Jackie wall lamps were put into use, to give an owners’ personal touch.

cambio-casa-cambio-vita-panzeri-lm (3)

Their illuminating properties, in addition to the aesthetic appearance of their shells, is one of the unique details, original solutions, and innovative materials which features in projects on every show.

We have met before

Not for the first time has Andrea Castrignano selected our lighting for his work. He has already used our App wall lamp in the 2017 season of ‘Cambio casa, cambio vita’.

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He has also chosen our Tate suspension lamp, dressed in black, for a prestigious project, the new Locherber fragrance boutique shop in Milan (2016).