Neuigkeiten 21 March 2016


Panzeri presents Rings Moodboard, a new concept of catalogue that goes over the simple presentation of a list of products. It is a collection of ideas, sketches, starting points about the new collection of lamps launched during the opening of Light + Building, an important German lighting exhibition.

The publication of the company of Biassono is born to astonish. It is focused on the theme of the rings added to the Golden Ring series, one of the most successful lamps in 2015, and designed to stimulate architects, designers, professionals and customers creativity, through concrete examples of these series of products potentialities .

Rings put side by side, intertwine and chase to each other: that’s how Golden Ring has decorated so different spaces with luxurious elegance and versatility. Features that Panzeri continues with the two novelties put in the 2016 Rings moodboard.


From GOLDEN to SILVER RING: smaller but not lower

Directly from the bigger Golden Ring, here the perfect Silver Ring. It keeps all the elegant functionality of its older brother, but looks with a more compact, slender and slim form. This new Panzeri ring has diameters of 80, 120 or 180 cm, and a height of only 8 cm, exactly half Golden Ring, and is available in the suspended version or in an unusual wall / ceiling version.

The new combinations with rings of different sizes of the same family or with those of the Golden Ring family create further creative options .

Silver Ring is available in the color white or gold leaf or custom color.


PLANET RING, the full ring: a spot of light in the space.

Planet Ring is a light ring full, with a minimalistic and simple design, able to draw spots of light in the space. As well as the others, this is an extremely pliable and versatile series of lamps: available in hanging, ceiling or recessed versions, in three different diameters (40 to 100 cm) and in the different standard light emission, dimmable or emergency light. The colors and emission temperatures are also customizable for projects.

The smaller sizes of Silver Ring and Planet Ring, than Golden Ring, were designed by Panzeri for confined spaces, satisfying the needs for other kinds of environments too, more residential than corporate or building.

From the launch of new products in 2016, with the Rings Moodboard Panzeri wants to offer an instrument able to inspire not only to inform. This thanks to the use of images in the Moodboard of serial complementary products that provide a holistic design support and a new and creative approach to the way of thinking decorative lighting. As proof of this intent, the blank page inserted at the end of the document that invites to play your ideas by drawing your own composition, stimulated by the circular shapes of Panzeri lamps just admired in the previous pages.

The 2016 Rings Moodboard is downloadable from together with the data sheet of the new products.