Panzeri’s history is traditionally linked to those values that have always underlined its philosophy: quality, research and innovation.

This path was established from the beginning by its founder Carlo Panzeri, entrepreneur with great experience in the technical and engineering sector, who founded in 1947 a Company specialised in the production of lamps components; a modern factory, featuring cutting-edge equipment and machinery able to offer to its customers promptly and flexibly, the best solution for any specific need. Carlo Panzeri was able to convey his values to the younger generations, who have not only inherited from their father a very successful Company, but also a winning business culture to which they have always remained faithful.


Panzeri’s lamps are designed in compliance with fundamental design principles: innovation, utility and aesthetics, result of intuitions and creativity. Talking about light installations and lighting accessories, the design concept is equally important as the product in terms of quality.


Panzeri’s lamps are first of all synonymous of quality in terms of light efficiency and also in terms of intrinsic characteristics of the product. They are guaranteed for durability, they passed a careful quality check and comply with all the requirements set forth by the strictest European standards talking about of safety and electromagnetic compatibility.


Company Panzeri has always been careful to sustainability and environmental protection. For this reason, in addition to the strict regulations applicable to the entire production chain - from the procurement of raw materials to distribution – the company decided long time ago to adopt a photovoltaic system that allows to remarkably reduce the traditional energy consumption.


Total quality has always been a priority in Panzeri philosophy.

This objective has been pursued through constant innovation in materials, the use of adavanced technology and careful attention to design. In this context, key importance has been given to the concept of sustainability. In fact, the company is now at the forefront in this aspect: in addition to be self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to a new photovoltaic system and to ensure high levels of health and safety in the workplace by using innovative production systems, it carefully selects materials certified by the most authoritative international institutions, and carries out works using laser cuts of last generation, in addition to ensure the best solutions in terms of safety, simplicity of use, and energy saving.


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