NEWS 20 April 2017

AlDecimo: play with light with this wall lamp

The idea behind this lamp was a precursor to the times, while it is true that in already in 2009 the architect Carmen Ferrara had presented it to Panzeri. At that time it was strong the need for products able to match the surrounding architecture and his project was going in that direction.

In 2016 the idea of Carmen Ferrara came again, reinterpreted, on the table of Panzeri, rethought and redesigned, but in the same spirit, the one that distinguishes all working products of the creator.

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AlDecimo, named after the precision necessary to make it, is, in fact, a lamp that allows people to play with light, drawing it and change the shape of the lighting body depending on the mood being experienced or the changed architectural context of the room. The same characteristics can be found in another Panzeri lamp drawn from Ferrara, the one that takes its name, ‘Carmen‘.

Al Decimo is a lamp that opens and closes with a light touch, with a movement that takes advantage of small screw jacks and borrowed from the world of furniture, another great passion of her designer. The light so changes depending on the layout of the lamp: when turned on, it lights with a simple outline on the perimeter; once opened, its light spreads throughout the room.

It fits perfectly with the architecture of environments even in colour, because it can be painted with the same shade of the wall onto which it is mounted.