NEWS 29 March 2016

All about the invisible Lampyris, the outdoor lamp

The lighting fixture fades to give new dimension to the environments. It seems a paradox but it is fundamental for architectural lighting, one of the strongest trend of the moment.

Lampyris by Panzeri fits this idea of Invisible of light sources, well represented by the recessed profiles of the company of Biassono.

Lampyris comes from a young idea.

The path that brought Lampirys project to become a Panzeri lamp started from the company desire to open the door to young designers. In 2014 it began its collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through the contest ‘A designer for companies‘ to reward the creativity of young designers coming from Universities and Schools of High Education in Milan.

The participants in this competition had to invent an outdoor lamp. Among the other, Lorenzo Giacomini proposal, a young designer coming from Bergamo, caught the attention. A particular lamp conceived to light parks, gardens and golf courses. Panzeri believed in this project and decided to produce it.

“The shape concept in my mind was, paradoxically, its opposite, ‘shapeless’. Something sinuous and integrated, but also strong, modern and practical: I wanted a technological plug-in that would merge with nature” Giacomini says.

A sinuosity in keeping with the moving  lawn surface, that seems gently raised in small dunes under which are hidden light sources in harmony with the natural environment.

From the idea to the production of the outdoor lamp.

This was the idea Panzeri preferred among those presented to the contest ‘ Un designer per le imprese’: a body composed of steel plates which disappears once installed in the ground and covered with earth, allowing the grass to grow freely, as if the light came from a natural lawn irregularity.

Once selected the most original idea, Panzeri has considered the manufacturing feasibility of it. “A company, for sure, cannot consider creativity for its own sake, but the practical side: ideas must be able to become achievable products according to economy and marketing fees” Paolo Montera says, Panzeri CEO.

Considered the necessary amendments in this sense (the original size, for example, has been reduced a lot), the project is then passed into Enzo Panzeri hands who, together with the designer Lorenzo Giacomini, has continued the realization of this new outdoor lamp.

The result was a product more singular than rare, a lamp that finds its true form by merging with the ground and that must be seen really on the field, installed in a natural setting.

That’s why the name had to be taken from the natural world: “Lampyris, is firefly in Latin. It immediately felt perfect, even for the curious detail of the same root in Italian with the word ‘lamp’ and in English with ‘lamp’” Lorenzo Giacomini says.

 Who is Lorenzo Giacomini.

Graduated at the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) in ‘Industrial Design’, he is currently working at the studio ‘Roberto Cigala interiors & design’.

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