An italian history


Panzeri’s history has always been linked to those values that represent its philosophy at best: quality, research and innovation. This path was established from the beginning by its founder Carlo Panzeri, entrepreneur with great experience in the technical and engineering sector who founded in 1947, a company specialised in the production of components for lamps; a modern factory, featuring cutting-edge equipment and machinery, able to offer to its customers, promptly and flexibly, the best solution for any specific need. Carlo Panzeri was able to convey his values to the younger generations, who have not only inherited from their father a very successful company, but also a winning business culture to which they have always remained faithful.
During the years, the company grew and evolved and decided to successfully begin in the ‘90s, the production of its own range of lighting products, being able to perfectly combine the great heritage in terms of tradition and craftsmanship, to an extremely high technological content.
The company, located at the heart of Brianza, area rich of history and natural beauties, retained during the years a close relation with one of the values that best represents nowadays, a synonymous of quality and creativity: the Made in Italy.
A choice that time rewarded and consolidated. In addition to the Italian design conceived by the company and appreciated worldwide, Panzeri chose to rely on Italian suppliers for all the main raw materials.
Therefore, the glass that we use is produced in Venice, from historical companies that ensure an excellent quality, respecting and following Murano tradition. Like the glass, the LED used in many lighting solutions follow an Italian footprint: the research of the best components available on the market is at the basis of electronic structures, which are assembled afterwards by local partner suppliers upon indication of Panzeri’s R&D department, thus obtaining custom-made LED signed by Panzeri brand characterised by the highest lighting performances.
Thanks to a unique heritage of tradition and craftsmanship, cutting-edge technologies, “premium” materials and the creative touch of the Italian design, Panzeri lamps are considered nowadays, prestigious furnishing components and solutions, ideal choice for the most ambitious projects.

1945 Carlo Panzeri mechanical workshop was founded
1947 Panzeri Carlo srl was founded, factory producing light components and finished lighting products
1963 Construction of the new industrial site that remarkably expanded during the following years
1965 Registration of the first patent for latch device
1977 Launching of the first free-standing halogen lamp (model T201)
1979 First successful product (model T80)
1991 Launching of PANZERI brand
1992 Debut at Euroluce and the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan
2000 Presence at international exhibitions in Cologne, Frankfurt, Valencia, Moscow and London
2005 Transfer of the new and modern industrial plant in Biassono
2009 Launching of PureWhite architectural collection
2011 Creation of the R&D Department focused on LED technology
2012 Introduction of laser cut machinery and development of new projects and collaborations
Today 1 brand, 2 collections (Design & Architetturale), faithful to the Made in Italy