Sustainable eco-productivity


Quality is certainly a priority among the values to embody, for any company able to offer a valid and competitive product on the market. In this regard, Panzeri makes no exceptions.
The constant research of the best materials available on the market, the use of advanced machinery and cutting-edge technologies and great attention to design are at the basis of Panzeri’s range of products.
In addition to this philosophy based on product quality, Panzeri focuses on an eco-sustainable production that respects the environment and optimizes output, in view of energy saving.
Among the initiatives implemented in this context, the innovative photovoltaic system allows the company to be self-sufficient from an energy point of view. The panels, a system of 336 modules that cover a total area of 500 square metres, produce approx. 98,000 kW a year, with 85.68 kWh power, and avoided the dispersion of 210,000 kg of carbon dioxide in the environment since their installation in 2011 till today.
The use of the LED technology is a priority for Panzeri, not only in developing new products but also with regards to the re-engineering of products which have been present on the market for decades. The company makes efforts in this regards, in order to reduce energy consumption and extend the average life of the products, with the aim to offer eco-compatible solutions to its clients, up-to-date with the latest technologies.
The plaster lights of PureWhite Invisible line are natural and eco-compatible products, non-toxic for men and the environment and above all, tested according to the strictest technical standards and certified by the most prestigious and authoritative European institutions.