NEWS 4 April 2016

Lighting, Panzeri in the Top 20 of Architonic Brands: That’s Why

The echo of success Panzeri achieved in 2015 is not cooling down. From the web the last statement of the company good results, in particular from the famous portal where Panzeri is in the ranking ‘Architonic TOP 20 Lighting Brands 2015’. During the German fair Light+Building 2016, this ranking has lined up the most sought after lighting brands on a portal like Architonic which contains more than 1,500 premium design and architecture references.

Panzeri is for the first time in the top twenty names of this list, together with lighting giants for several years steadily dominate the ranking. Why such a prestigious position?

“In our opinion the reasons are mainly three. – Paolo Montera, the company CEO, saysfirst of all the product. Panzeri in 2015 received great success with two creations in particular: Jackie (mentions from German Design Award, Good Design Award and iF Design Award) and Golden Ring. Certainly these two lamps have been a big driving force to generate interest around our brand also online and at international level, thanks to the several awards received from abroad and to sales results.” is a dedicated website, then visited mainly by insiders and professionals. Panzeri worked hard also for this kind of public. That’s the second key factor to deal:

We have improved our approach to the professional market. – Montera continues – We took part in various seminars and workshops about lighting, put online a large amount of technical materials and increased attention to the architectural products. Surely this has played in our favour in approaching that kind of users”.

Finally, the third factor. We are talking about web, where Panzeri made precise choices:

 “For a year our marketing and communication strategies focus on our renewed company web site and social media presence. Thanks to these channels we can communicate promptly and timely the news about our products, activities and events and keep in touch with those interested in our world. We receive a lot of requests for information and questions about products, many from abroad. This shows that there is an audience that follows us from the web and is very interested in our lamps.”

Products, professional approach and web-oriented strategies: these are the keys that allowed Panzeri to get noticed in a very exclusive and individual sector such as In particular, an increasing tendency to use the digital tools is beginning to bear fruit.