The past is represented by a traditional product: an element in plaster, which has existed for many years in the field of architectural lighting. INVISIBILI is an increasingly popular product because of its innate simplicity, its easy installation and its great aesthetic impact.
The present is the creation of the innovative collection INVISIBILI, which originated from an existing product. The design was dismantled, re-thought and then redesigned using the latest technologies and adapted to new housing needs.
At the heart of the philosophy of Panzeri there is a profound sense of “design” culture: it is not sufficient to replicate an object, perhaps giving it a new form; instead Panzeri accept the challenge to reinvent the product completely.
It is from this love of research and innovation that INVISIBILI was created – a complete range of items made of plaster with natural materials and redesigned in all its aspects. A product range that represents the ultimate expression of the philosophy of PUREWHITE™ by Panzeri.
PURE: pure as the material used, chalk. Simple, natural and environmentally friendly, non-toxic for humans and the environment and, most importantly, tested according to the most stringent technical standards and certified by the most prestigious and influential institutions in Europe.
WHITE: white as a narrow ray of light that transforms any surface into an attractive piece of contemporary art. Light becomes matter and matter light, freed from any visible support.


Arch. Massimo Rosati