The lights of Panzeri collection are an exclusive and quality product intended for Architects, Interior Designers and people who are looking for a lighting solution for their home and environment, that combines functionality to design, without compromises. All the lights of Panzeri collection are made by following procedures that wisely mix the craftsmanship and tradition of the Panzeri family, with cutting-edge technologies in the lighting sector.
Quality and style Made in Italy, that turn these simple and functional objects intended to illuminate the space, into actual design works.
Panzeri “Design Lighting” collection is able to satisfy any furnishing and lighting need, according to personal taste and spatial needs.

Wall lamp represent the ideal choice for environments that require a soft and dimmed light. The line featured on Panzeri catalogue offers versatile solutions and different finishes for any style preference.
The suspension lamps are ideal for various types of environments that require illumination from the top, whether at home or at work. According to the atmosphere that you want to create, the suspended light can represent an actual furnishing object of sought-for design, or a detail that is naturally integrated in the surrounding space.
Ceiling lamps are the best solution for who desires a uniform and neat illumination that harmonizes the environment, with a light source from the top. There are various and different choices according to the desired furnishing style.
Table lamps, precious and essential accessories which are present in any space intended for work, study and relax, combine optimal lighting characteristics to a refined design, that makes them even more appealing and pleasant to the eye.
Floor lamps are important aesthetic elements that, thanks to their remarkable furnishing function, must offer an excellent output in terms of illumination, and also a refined design looked after in the finest details, that perfectly integrates with the environment.
Outdoor lamps are located in those outdoor environments which require stylish and functional light fixtures to illuminate summer evenings. Decorative lights, perfect to furnish gardens and swimming pools, ideal choice of luxury hotels and resorts, as well as marvellous green private spaces.