Floor lamps

Furnishing with a design light

Free-standing lights are much more than a lighting accessory, they are an actual design and furnishing element. Due to the key role of this lamp in terms of presence in the space, the choice of its structure may remarkably influence the final furnishing result. Panzeri collections of free-standing lights are designed to naturally be integrated in any environment, according to your personal taste. The extensive variety of choice allows obtaining the desired lighting and furnishing effect, thanks to different models all characterised by the technological quality of functionality and the wise use of valuable materials.

Functionality at the service of aesthetics
Thanks to their elegant shapes and variety of materials used to produce every model – ranging from metal to brass, wood and glass – the ideal solution for every environment can be found in Panzeri collection. Free-standing lights are thought for living areas, bedrooms and outdoors, thanks to Panzeri outdoor collection, featuring for example the Potter model. Functionality and design, for a choice that rewards quality, but also able to satisfy a more elaborate and essential taste.
Panzeri free-standing lights allow personalizing your interiors with an original touch, also with regards to illumination. According to the selected model, a uniform and dimmed light can be obtained, or a more accurate and focused illumination with well-defined light bundles. In terms of design, Panzeri collection features lighting solutions with a sophisticated and elegant touch that are discretely integrated with the environment, in addition to more elaborate models, ideal for who desires a detail of strong character. Regardless of the desired stylistic choice, each Panzeri free-standing light is much more than a functional furnishing accessory, but an actual sought-for and elegant design object. A more exclusive and pleasant way to live your daily life, to turn your home and environment into a special space.