Suspension lamps

Lights and details for every environment

The choice to illuminate an environment with a suspended light offers various solutions in terms of aesthetic and design: there are the lights of larger structure, embellished by a more elaborate and bold style, up to more minimal versions that naturally integrate in the space, conferring a touch of class. Panzeri suspension lamps are ideal for who desires quality illumination that optimally combines functionality and design. Appealing, simple or more refined, Panzeri suspended lights are able to satisfy the preferences of the most demanding Architects and Interior Designers.

Not only simple lamps
The age in which the client had to settle for traditional, merely functional proposals, is over by now. Today the requests of sector’s operators and more careful and qualified customers, led companies to focus even more on style details. In order to respond to this need in constant evolution, Panzeri proposes a series of solutions that combine innovative materials and high quality. Elegant cables in red silk braid are introduced – as in Blanca model- , which replace traditional silicon cables; in addition to glass and steel, there are applications in brass, aluminium, synthetic rattan and Japanese paper, materials that allow implementing the lamp naturally, in an environment characterised by a more sought-for style. The cables’ length can also be customised upon request, in order to respect the space geometries at best.
From a practical point of view, suspended lamps are the optimal choice for who desires illumination from the top, applicable in reduced spaces and also in larger environments that require an important furnishing detail. The light of these lamps is pleasantly diffused uniformly, with a soft and relaxing effect.
Whether you decide to install the suspended lamp at home – generally in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms – or you choose this solution for your office, the result will always satisfy your needs. Lighting accessories that combine design and functionality without forgetting the furnishing pleasure.