Table lamps

An important additional light

Table lights refer to that particular category of lighting systems designed to be installed on counters of different type. Table lights were born with the goal to provide the necessary illumination during particular moments of the day – like in the evening on the night table – or in situations where an additional light is required – on desks or work tables. The illumination offered by this type of lights is soft and delicate, perfect as extra light, and for this reason ideal to favour the execution of activities that require concentration for long or short periods of time. Also for this reason, the design of these lighting accessories was modified during the years, becoming not only a useful, but also an aesthetically pleasant object, careful to style.
Reading light
It has been extensively proven that evening reading is one of most appreciated pastimes: a few hours or just a few minutes reading a good book represent a fundamental moment of the day of many people. Therefore the role of table lights is no longer marginal and destined to be only a detail, but requires functionality and high quality. Panzeri table lights combine utmost lighting quality to a design also suitable for narrow spaces. Reduced sizes, excellent lighting performance and a style designed with care: evening reading will be even more pleasant.
But reading is not only a pleasure or pastime: students of any age are well aware of this, who have to deal with notes, books and tablets for many hours a day. Panzeri table lights are boosted to offer a clear and accurate light, perfect to read on traditional paper sheets, and also on modern tablets. These lights are also equipped with movable and adjustable arms, in order to be positioned on different types of counters and supports, thus allowing a localised and personalised illumination.
The real novelty of Panzeri catalogue is represented by Jackie model, a table light with details in pressure die-cast aluminium, embodying technology and design. It is switched on with a gentle touch, the intensity can be regulated and it is switched off with a light touch. Particularly indicated for work tables, the light bundle of this lamp offers a precise and focused illumination, ideal therefore as desk light, reading light – in its tallest version – or wall-mounted spot light that can be perfectly adjusted.