Wall lamps

Games of lights and shadows
The choice is never simple and immediate when you decide to purchase lights for your home. The wish of every interior designer is to find light fixtures that perfectly adapt to every environment and that are able to convey sensations of harmony and wellness with their games of light. The proposals available on the market are multiple and sometimes, the extensive choice stirs a sense of fear and hesitation. Therefore, you must be able to recognize the different types of wall-mounted lights, especially based on their rating and colour, in order to feel free to choose the lamp’s design according to your aesthetic taste and the environment where the light will be installed.

Quality dimmed light
Dimmed light means that type of illumination that softly creates a light bundle on the surface. Panzeri collection of wall-mounted lights offers a series of –traditional and LED – solutions able to produce a soft light that gives the impression to caresses the wall, conferring a suggestive and appealing atmosphere to the space. Perfect to illuminate bedrooms, living rooms, entrances and halls, Panzeri wall-mounted lights are suitable for who appreciates a modern and elegant style.
Panzeri conceived versatile models characterised by an appealing design. In fact, the different collections of wall-mounted lamps can be chosen from the catalogue, as well as the finishes available for each model, in order to integrate them with the environment, creating your favourite combinations. Moreover, the main goal of Panzeri’s evolution consists in producing accessories that are not only functional and beautiful to look at, but also durable in time. For this reason, the designers select only the best materials to produce the lamps, fully respecting the environment and values that distinguish the company. In view of the above, Panzeri lights are the ideal choice for who wants the best for their home and environment.