With Tate, Panzeri has revisited the old chandelier invented in Venice in the eighteenth century, that was the result of the historic glass art passed down from generation to generation. Realized with advanced techniques, it is the perfect combination of traditional craft of Murano glass blowing and  Lombard mechanical technicity.

Born to enlighten elegant and exclusive locations, it is an excellent furnishing accessory for modern settings, where Tate pure and original forms are well suited to the minimalism of the contemporary interior design. Available in matt black or white, it offers also a wide range of customization of the sections and the colors, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

Before shipment, each product is assembled and balanced in the factory by skilled operators who check its quality. In this phase each arm and each hole of the structure is numbered, so that the final user can put together the product quickly and perfectly balanced. On the contrary the middle section is sent already assembled. To ensure safety, arms have an elastic system that prevents the fall and the accidental breaking of the elements during cleaning operations.

Tate houses halogen bulbs and is available in the hanging version (diameter 90 or 100 cm) and in the wall version.

  • Y-TAT-6L
    6x LED retrofit bulb G9 Lmax. 60mm Ø max. 17,5mm
    6xMAX 60W G9
    8x LED retrofit bulb G9 Lmax. 60mm Ø max. 17,5mm
    8xMAX 60W G9
    White Cloth cover
    Ceiling hook
  • Y-TAT-2A
    2x LED retrofit bulb G9 Lmax. 60mm Ø max. 17,5mm
    2xMAX 60W G9



_ Chrome


_ White

_ Black


_ White mat

(on request)

_ Black mat

(on request)