NEWS 18 December 2019

We choose the most reliable technologies to stay in control

Too much technology? No, not if it improves our well-being.

Artificial intelligence is not this super technical thing that belongs to scientists. It’s already present in everyone’s life. Spotify suggests songs we might like. Netflix does the same with movies and TV series. Amazon offers us products related to our previous purchases and other data combinations. These are just a few examples of artificial intelligence algorithms in use.

Technologies like this meld with our lifestyle. We’re immersed in an “infosphere” where we receive information based on what we like. This becomes hard to escape if we can’t control it.

We live a constantly “plugged in” life that never turns off. Technology has allowed us to create great problem-solving resources. Along with that, however, come privacy and control problems. There’s a growing temptation to delegate choices as technology erodes our autonomy and ability to act.

We adapt to technology, but shouldn’t it be the other way around?

We unload the responsibility of our choices onto machines and on the algorithms that suggest answers without needing to think. However, this means we risk making barely conscious choices.

In order to regulate the unstoppable growth of technology use in our lives, let’s try to regulate what we want it to do. We choose to use reliable technologies that put man at the center throughout the cycle of planning, development, and actualization.

In the Internet of Things, man is at the center

Technology is something that must enhance everyone’s well-being. Building and Office Automation systems, such as OTOMO, represent one example. This system is designed to manage and guarantee maximum comfort and energy savings in offices through smartphones and mobile devices.

The Jackie IoT lamp is the fulcrum of this system. This designer product benefits the well-being of those around it.

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The Jackie table lamp is ideal for adjusting visual comfort. This object works best when its head with sensors is at eye level with the person sitting at the table.

The lamp head’s integrated sensors and Bluetooth module can detect the brightness, temperature, and humidity inside an office. Each device acts as a wireless repeater, creating a mesh network that ensures automatic parameter adjustment and control of various environments.


Discover all the details of Jackie, the award-winning table lamp designed by Enzo Panzeri.