Новости 23 January 2017

Industry 4.0: how technology is changing factories

The Internet of Things will not only impact the use of products, but also the entire production process.

The fourth industrial revolution has already begun and we are already involved. It is called Industry 4.0, in which industrial production is automated nearly 100% and is interconnected with the Internet of Things (IoT, ‘Internet of Things’). Yes, because if we have already heard about the acronym IoT related to many applications and new uses relating to end products, maybe we have not yet realized that this type of technological process has already impacted production.

The Interconnection of products.

Our company is also heading in this direction, as explained by our manager for Research and Development Norberto Panzeri  in the recent interview to Industriaitaliana.it:

We are working on enhancing IoT: our lighting devices can be operated taking into account external light. For example, at six in the morning, the lights turn on 80%, then at ten diminish and at 17.30 they are strengthened again with the goal of keeping a constant power of 500 lux in the environment. The technology involves sensor monitoring systems which perceive external light and connects them with indoor light for offices and homes to promote high energy efficiency”.

This system stems from the production process.

industria-4-0Factories, especially those in northern Italy and Brianza, are transformed into Smart Factories. Technology develops in a more intelligent and transversal way, involving not only production but also marketing, in a virtual system and into its interconnecting systems, co-causing continuous change in which all functions interact, improving and optimizing themselves and the others. This represents the future, but already represents the present for some foreign countries. Efforts are being made in Italy to adopt this new system tailored to corporate needs.

In this regard, Germany has been taking the lead in Europe in a completely different context with respect to Italy. Small and medium-sized companies do not have to give up craftsmanship, nor all competitive factors for which they stand out and which show cases ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘Made in Brianza’.

Made in Italy has been flourishing recently. Why can we do it? Because some of our luxury customers prefer quality products and would never purchase in China. The first reason for which we are chosen is that we offer unique high end products compared to low cost products related to homogeneity and beauty” said Norberto Panzeri.

In any case IOT must not be reputed a source of anxiety, trying to apply automation to everything at all cost. Italian small and medium-sized companies have the opportunity to retrieve operating margins thanks to the current cost efficient technology management. In any case the unique features for which the companies in Brianza stand out, thanks to its attractive and various products compared to foreign competitors must continue to be promoted.

Thanks to Jackie, the award-winning lamp designed by my brother Enzo, we have proven that anything is still possible in Italy. To raise this awareness, collaborating with the beauty and efficient Hi-Tech Made in Brianza and unique worldwide is a must”.

Working together is thus required, without jeopardizing the reputation, commercial and technical heritage of each business.

Craftsmen Internet: Biassono.

DSC_2257Innovation is our mission. Our next goal is full automation.

We are craftsmen of technological artisans.” (Norberto Panzeri)

We recently introduced a more modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in our production plant in Biassono where our warehouse is fully automated; our goal is to create a smart new technology in the short term to ‘talk’ with the end user and production process.

We work to transform data collected from the various corporate departments such as marketing, production and sales, into information for decision making and operations.

Furthermore, our current premises in the factory is limited: the ongoing successful sales strategy of our lighting products prompted the purchase of a new warehouse next to the current one which will be connected not only physically.