NEWS 1 March 2016

Panzeri Lights up chef Simone Rugiati FoodLoft Milano

Lighting is essential in every environment, especially in a TV studio. Panzeri’s lighting plays the role of the protagonist in a particular location, a space conceived to host TV sets and glamour events.

Recently a new area has been inaugurated in Milan. It is a modern space thought to be both a photography and TV studio and a venue to host high-level cooking class and other events. This is the whole idea behind the brand new FoodLoft Milano by Simone Rugiati, the famous Italian Chef who became a star in the television system thanks to his shows broadcast on the Gambero Rosso channel.

Panzeri’s novelties enlighten this original Milanese loft, located in a peaceful area of the Italian fashion capital. Inside the loft we can find Jackie – the table lamp awarded for its design –; Ypsilon lamps decorate the walls and the kitchen area is lit up with the suspension lamps Blanca and Willy. The ceiling is adorned with Brooklyn, the recessed lamp of the Profili family, which leads to the living room of the loft – the main and biggest area – where there is a top-level product by Panzeri, the Golden Ring.

The use of Golden Ring, the most sold product of the company based in Biassono, is an obvious choice due to its elegant design, which perfectly fits with both a casual and fashion location – as the FoodLoft Milano is – and other more professional and institutional contexts, as offices and prestigious buildings’ lobbies.

The FoodLoft Milano project has been developed by the architect Luca Pieracci, under the constant supervision of the owner itself, Simone Rugiati, who has fallen in love at first sight with Panzeri’s lamps in occasion of the 2015 edition of Euroluce.