Новости 11 February 2015


Monza, Tuesday 10th February 2015

Convention “Design: Public and private consumer places” was held in Monza last February 10th, organised by Infoprogetto, which saw the participation of over 400 Architects of the Professional Association of Architects of Monza and Brianza.

Among the speakers, the speech of the Managing Director of firm Paolo Montera described the production abilities of Panzeri, in terms of handicraft skills and production technologies. With the support of a photo book, the various production and work phases of the product were presented in details, in addition to a selection of finished products displayed in the context of use. For this scope, some among the most successful projects were shown, with Panzeri lighting solutions applied in different contexts, from hospitality to public spaces, offices and private homes.
Particular attention was paid to the project realised for Confindustria Monza and Brianza, which saw the implementation of different types of lights of the Design line (Blanca, Blissy, special Candle, Blow Mini, Disco and Ralph models) and Architectural line (Standard profiles and Profiles with custom-made combinations).

With this project, Panzeri wished to confirm its important function of design laboratory at the service of Architects, a company able to transform a creative idea into a product.