Новости 18 April 2016

After 2016 Light+Building, this is the future of decorative lighting

The 2016 edition of ‘Light+Building’ has just concluded, one of the most important international fair of lighting, and it’s time to make a small assessment of what we have seen in Frankfurt.

An event with over 2,500 exhibitors standing for a very representative photograph of what is now the spectrum of available solutions and actual situation in terms of design and technology. As Panzeri Company we have started from decorative lighting and put our attention on forms. From this point of view, we have seen a certain convergence: hard to identify the real novelty, because probably the aspect of lamps is a topic already treated.

Lamps more and more hi-tech.

Today there is certainly a growing use of technology in lighting management, used in an ever more professional way. Even the decorative light is following what is a real high road, not just a trend of the moment. The usability is gradually supplanting the visual appearance, so we can see light fittings disappearing and becoming very practical and functional,  as the architectural trend teaches. They are controlled by a technology developed by the same manufacturer that before handled only lighting.

Internet of Lights: a new era is started.

We come back from Frankfurt sure that the concept of ‘Internet of Lights’, or the combination of light and the model ‘Internet of Things’, is already actual. It’s a way of understanding light in connection with inputs coming from the environment and from other objects or other lights. So, the house light is switched on at a higher intensity if you set the alarm clock early in the morning, or becomes soft if you choose a romantic song on your music player.

Obviously, everything happens in a fully digital and connected environment, which exchanges information with the Web. This will change and deeply improve the experience of every kind of light and space, commercial, public, living or building kind.

Back to lighting technology.

However the orientation towards these new technologies does not divert attention from the technique of light. So going back to look inside the luminaire, and using techniques, such as lenses, to act not only on the lighting performance, but also on the way it refracts and diffuses.

Therefore, those  dealing with decorative should soon necessarily look to other fields too, like domotics and mobility, and features like usability and functionality. In the upcoming edition of the trade fair in Frankfurt, scheduled in 2018, there will be a lot of work exactly in these new directions.