Новости 13 November 2015

Illuminating engineering: how Panzeri is an active protagonist.

In a general environment where competition is tougher and tougher, Panzeri decided to act in a more and more proactive way. Not being just a manufacturer of lighting systems, recognized worldwide, instead by striving for becoming a reference point for designers and professionals in the industry.

It is something more than a vision to aim for, it is something already real today. Consistent with this philosophy is the sponsoring of educational workshops such as “HoReCa Design”, a course dedicated to Russian designers organized by Politecnico di Milano. Likewise is the collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Milano for awarding the creativity of young designers of the Milanese Universities, through the initiative “Un Designer per le Imprese” (A Designer for Every Company), exhibited during Expo Milano 2015.

Panzeri is not only active towards the outer environment, instead is open to show the company from the inside. This is how the initiative “top2top” takes shape: the Milanese lighting brand opened the doors of its workshop and showroom to selected companies among its partners, in order to welcome professionals interested to debate over lighting.

An inclination to openness and to sharing knowledge that Panzeri nurtures also online, where all its tools such as 3D models and photometric files are available, on every product page.