Новости 22 September 2016

Pendant lamps in two different cultures and decor styles

Here’s how the shape of a pendant lamp can create particular atmospheres at different latitudes.

How much can two countries – Austria and Saudi Arabia – differ? A huge amount in geographical distance, but also in terms of culture. Here we describe two scenarios that speak of landscape, nature, homes and interior design, and find out that when it comes to good taste and style, there are points of contact too.

austria_magazineDiscover the contrast between design and nature.

In the midst of the Alps in the heart of Europe, there are spectacular summer views to be had over the Austrian valleys. You find yourself confronted by luxuriant nature, mirror-like lakes and mountains that embrace the whole as far as the eye can see. It’s not everyone who gets to enjoy such majestic scenery from their window; it’s an exclusive pleasure, a privilege.

Respect for the nature all around you comes naturally, and this extends to the choice of furnishings for this special window on the world. An essential, minimalist style, which does not detract from the spectacle outside the pane. The sole exception to the simplicity is a composition of pendant lamps, Panzeri’s Golden Rings, with their large dimensions and exquisite finish. A hanging feature which does not sully the glorious image of this almost unreal place.

There’s plenty of modernity in the cradle of tradition.

The culture and society may vary, but the style remains the same, or very similar. Thousands of kilometres from Austria, Saudi Arabia’s second-largest city, Jeddah, stands on the shores of the Red Sea. Here, traditional Arab-jeddah_magazinestyle buildings coexist alongside houses and apartment blocks in modern style, where design contrasts with the typical desert landscapes we are familiar with. This is Jeddah, a place open to innovation, despite being in a country with one of the most deep-rooted religious traditions (Mecca is just over a hundred kilometres away).

And so you should not be surprised to find, in a modern building in the city centre, a decor scheme that follows the most up-to-date trends in European interior design style.  From the high ceiling of the living room, the circular forms of six Golden Rings soften the angular lines of the rest of the furnishings. They seem almost to float above the area of the home devoted to relaxation.

From Austria to the Arabian Peninsula, the Alps to the Red Sea. The same taste for the shapely harmony of Golden Ring, the rings that adorn and settle a space, transmitting calm and a desire to fully inhabit it.