Carmen Carmencita

_ Carmen Ferrara _ 2013

Light in movement

Ceiling or wall lamp in laser-cut metal folded and then welded with silver thread. The ceiling version has a rotary mechanism turned from solid. Indirect light through transparent screen. Light source consisting of LED module. Luminaire power from 13W to 56W and luminaire flux from 967 lm to 5111 lm). The version with 3 arms is provided with dimming 1-10V/PUSH DIM driver. Lamp painted in white or black polyacrylic paint. The ceiling version has 2 or 3 rotating sections (350°), while the wall version is a fixed section. Ideal for large rooms difficult to illuminate.

  • P064_ _.003.0103
    LED 56W 3000K Ra 80 5111lm 220-240V 1...10V/PUSH DIM*Luminaire power consumption (W)
    **Luminaire luminous flux (lm)
    P064_ _.002.0101
    LED 28,5W 3000K Ra 80 2375lm 220-240V
    *Luminaire power consumption (W)
    **Luminaire luminous flux (lm)
  • A064_ _.000.0101
    LED 13W 3000K Ra 80 967lm 220-240V*Luminaire power consumption (W)
    **Luminaire luminous flux (lm)



_ 01 White


_ 02 Black