In 2016, Nordea Bank was moved from Christianshavn, in the center of Copenhagen, to another beautiful location in the Danish capital, Ørestad, on the island of Amager. The new branch is located near the branches of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and the DR concert hall, Koncerthuset.

The bank’s new general headquarter is a building with high green standards aiming at the most advanced LED standard, Platinum LED.

The 46.000 square metres is divided in six floors, of which 5.000 square meters for the biggest trading department in Northern Europe.

This new building is very ambitious with reference to architecture and green standards. The Platinum LED certification is in fact only reserved to the most efficient constructions in terms of power consumption, safeguarding the environment and health. Promoting sustainability was thus the leitmotif throughout the construction process.

The Golden Rings were used to decorate and illuminate a large open space in the center of the building within this high tech and lighting framework.

Edited by Henning Larsen Architects and a team of Signal Architects and SLA Landscape Architects.

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