Новости 16 March 2017

Smart Lighting: the transformations the market is asking from us

Smart lighting dictates the changes required to create more evolved, efficient and effective products.

smart-lighting-homeAmong the new advanced Smart City technologies, completely interconnected, what characteristics will lighting need to have? If we think of public lighting, the first requirement is efficiency, i.e. the use of light sources, such as LED, that can guarantee lower power consumption with the same lighting performance.

For now, smart lighting focusses mainly on residential lighting, a sector that has yet to be fully developed and which has a huge potential. A research conducted by the Polytechnic University of Milan, “Efficiency & Smart Lighting Report”, predicts a strong increase in the demand for smart lighting solutions, despite the fact that Italian users are neither very familiar nor inclined towards this type of technology. According to the prestigious University’s research, in 2020, the LED market will be worth around 1.5 billion euros, plus 195 million euros from Smart Lighting.

Also in 2020, B2B businesses will spend 250 billion euros in technology, applications and Internet of Things solutions (source:  Boston Consulting Group), an increase that will boost all sectors, especially those dedicated to Smart City services, which include both public illumination, focussed on efficiency, and residential illumination, i.e. Smart illumination.

Our changes towards Smart Lighting.

Our transformation towards a Smart world has already begun, and started from our existing products rather than from our new ones. Changes have been triggered by the need to meet market requirements. For example, the request for efficiency has increased and we have improved our lamps (such as Cross, Disco, App and Toy) by updating to last generation LED, which has brought to an increase of luminosity between +5% and +50% on devices with the same power.

Warmer light, more suitable for the domestic environment and able improve home comfort, is also on demand. To meet our customers’ needs, on request, we can take LED tones of colour up to 2,700 Kelvin in lamps such as Toy and Gilbert.

But the most exciting news involves IoT (or should we say IoL, Internet of Light), and the introduction of dimming with DALI standards. Our lighting products will be able to talk to hardware and software solutions that will allow to monitor and control light consumption based on environment conditions and context, maximising power efficacy and efficiency.

This is how the IoT version of Jackie was born: a Smart Lighting product that is the result of the collaboration with Eelectron, a company specialised in automation.

Discover the new Jackie at Salone del Mobile, in Milan, between 4 and 9 April, Hall 11 Stand D39 E40.