Новости 14 October 2015

The details of a creative and versatile lighting.

Having a broad range of possibilities allow to design a personalized environment and to create the best harmony between spaces. For this purpose Panzeri aims at offering to interior designers, on top of a sophisticated design, the freedom to choose the details of their lighting solution.

The perfection of a ring is that of a circle, a simple shape that has gone through centuries without losing its appeal. Panzeri has captured the light into suspended rings, the versatile Golden Ring, combinable according to one’s creativity for number of fixtures and diameter, on top of the choice of the colour and without limits in the tonality. The result is a personal and unique combination, enhanced by the latest LED technology DALI/PUSH DIMMERING.

The suspensions Willy can play a protagonist or discreet role in the space. The role is defined by the five different diameters and the potentially endless choice of the colour, that matches Willy with any kind of interiors and environments. Before enlightening the spaces, the light of this pendant filters through the Murano blown glass of the dome, available also in other materials depending on the model.