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Using gold leaf on pendant lamps

A very special finish to enhance a space in a modern and original way.

If you’re looking for a finish to distinguish not only your lighting, but also your room and your decor scheme, here’s something that can give your lamps a style that’s luxurious and elegant at the same time. It’s gilding, and the particular application technique accentuates the effect.

Gold-leaf finishing is an extra touch, which demonstrates how precision and artistic skill can go hand in hand. Applied to lamps with a simple, minimalist style, this finish gives them refinement in style terms and clean lines architecturally.

When the gold leaf technique came into being.


It was the great Italian painters who first used gold leaf.  Their interest in this precious material gave rise to numerous small-scale gold workshops, which continued to work on the process throughout the nineteenth century, until the advent of machinery that could turn gold into extremely fine and flexible leaves.

The most ancient example of the application of gold leaf is found in Ancient Egypt; it was actually the pharaohs who wanted this particular adornment for their tombs. The first evidence of gilding in Italy dates back to the fourteenth century, towards the end of the Proto-Renaissance period, when painting on wood panels became popular. Assisted by their pupils and other workers, the master painters took charge of the gilding process which, at that time, was usually reserved for icons of saints and divinities which embellished altars and fine artworks.

How gilding is done.

Gilding is the process by which gold leaf is meticulously applied, having first been beaten to obtain extremely fine sheets. For gilding, tools such aRing-Process-Craft-cs brushes, scissors, pads and fixatives are used, as well as base colours. Once the gold layers have been applied, they can be burnished using fingers or a brush, to add extra shine. The final effect is obtained when the gold leaf is applied in small pieces.

Gold leaf applied to pendant lamps.

In the Ring lamps from the Panzeri collection, the use of gold leaf creates a brilliant movement, a clearly defined texture on the circular aluminium structure.

This particular finish, together with the possible combinations and the assortment of different sized Rings, creates new and exciting possibilities in the field of lighting. But gold leaf is not exclusive to Panzeri’s Rings collection; it is in fact used to adorn other products too, for example the Willy pendant lamp. In the gilded version, this dome-shaped lamp can provide original and modern elegance to your decor scheme, with a truly striking effect.