Новости 13 April 2017

Viisi, the suspension and floor lamp with a pentagonal base

The designer is always asked to tell something, we are not satisfied with the stark content of his work. Behind the idea and the design of a new object there is always a story, that of the path that starts from an idea, from the intellectual and creative stimulation which has then a concrete outcome.

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/a>The simplicity of form, which is derived from a complexity, the one made of balance and proportions capable of conveying safety to the observer. In the case of the new lamp Viisi by Panzeri, designers Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati have found inspiration in sacred geometry, used more often in architecture, but recently rediscovered in the field of design. From the forms of nature to places of worship, from the proportions of the human body, up to the big cities, all complying with the rules of geometry, capable of tapping the unconscious through the harmony of the volumes.

Viisi_elencoViisi is the result of this study, an object with a simple shape, and with a pentagonal base. Because of its sharp edges, this parallelepiped seems monolithic, as if it were a full volume. It is, instead, a thin sheet, engraved thanks to modern metal processing technologies and then folded by hand.

Viisi, which in Finnish means “5”, as the number of sides of the base, started as a floor lamp, but soon his decorative potential suggested its use even, if not especially, as suspension lamp.

Discover all the features of Viisi.