Новости 11 April 2016

Wall lamps: a new way to use Rings

Till now you have seen Rings that illuminate from the top, ceiling lamps, suspended or recessed.  In these cases lamps could vary for the distance from the ceiling (secured by the cables which suspend the lamp), for the diameters of the rings and the different inclinations. So, until today, you could arrange rings on different levels, using ceiling as starting base.

But what could you do with a new vertical dimension in addition to the horizontal? We have answered adding a different application of our light rings, one on the wall.

Silver Ring, a thinner version of Golden Ring, allows us to enter into this new view. This is a solution that widens very much the range of use of this kind of lamps. Let’s think about rings fixed on the walls like light frames, hung like mirrors or paintings, real pieces of furniture that meet glances at the same eyes height, lighting up environments  harmoniously.

Rings like wall lamps.

An example of application of this new light dimension is this modern city loft. On the walls dominate the large windows that make come in natural light during the day and the colored reflexes of large luminous signs at night. In this particular living lamps are not on the ceiling, it is not from above that the light we have chosen comes. Silver Ring lamps, in different diameters, are placed on the walls, apparently in contrast to the square shape of the windows, but in a perfect overall harmony.

Together with Silver Ring, Planet Ring can be put on the walls too. It’s a circle of light full you can combine with the other collection rings (or with other kinds of lamps)and on different levels, recessed or suspended.

Look for and draw your light mood.

This vertical use of Silver Ring and Planet Ring is a new creative idea we wanted to launch by our ‘Moodboard Rings‘, a document where the circles elegant aesthetics is enhanced by the flexibility of this kind of lamps.

The challenge we have launched, as a stimulating provocation, is to be able to achieve creative harmony adding the different forms and types of lamps, to find the perfect mood, the most appropriate to your environment. This is possible thanks to a new approach to lighting, open, no more rigid and mono tone. Anyone can contribute with his own taste and imagination.

The solutions here in the images of this article are some of several ideas you can really create. Now draw your own. Sketch your moodboard!