Новости 4 April 2017

‘We Make Light’: Panzeri presents at Euroluce the new catalogue

A dense content publishing, from the history of the Company culture of ‘make light’, to the new products and the renewed bestsellers.

On the occasion of Euroluce 2017, Panzeri presents the new version of its catalogue with the portfolio of major products, the projects and the novelties of this year.

cover-catalogo-2017On the cover of the publication here is immediately the new Company payoff, We Make Light‘, in red to underline the value. Chosen to represent the essence of the Company, it reminds the big three Panzeri souls: the family and the work team (We), the culture of doing (Make) and the experience and expertise in the lighting sector (Light) forged since 1947, the year of the Company foundation.

It is exactly the anniversary of the seventy years of activity to open the catalogue, with the story of the basic milestones that have brought the Panzeri Carlo S.r.l. Company where it is today: from manufacturer of components for chandeliers for third parties to a Company that produces, sells and exports its lamps in more than sixty Countries worldwide.

Next, the images of the most prestigious projects carried out over the past two years introduce the main collections of products, both decorative and architectural: Design, Outdoor, Profiles, Invisibles and Receipts.

Space at once to the 2017 novelties. The aesthetics of light is entrusted to the wall lamps Al Decimo (fruit of the creativity of Carmen Ferrara) and hanging lamps Viisi (the work of designers Giovanni Minelli and Marco Fossati) and To-Be. For the architectural lighting here is the presentation of Brooklyn Round, Corner and Giano.

Among the original features of some of the Panzeri leading products, the new Jackie IoT is to be discovered. The table lamp designed by Enzo Panzeri is now able to interact and become the fulcrum of Otomo®, the Building Automation system for directional environments created by the Eelectron company.

Finally, there are other Panzeri bestsellers, with new images of the Rings Collection (Golden Ring, Silver Ring and Planet Ring), by Toy, Kubik, of the Brooklyn profiles and many more.

The new catalogue will be available from 4 April on the Company website, in digital format, and will be distributed to the marketing network, the architectural offices and the lighting specialists.

To discover the new catalogue request the 2017 Cartella Stampa (Printed Folder) by writing to press@panzeri.it